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About Florida Emissions Tests

In 2000, Florida did away with auto emissions tests. Florida is one a small minority of states where an emissions test is not required for a registration renewal, or original registration of your vehicle.

Even though an emissions test is not required, the state of Florida still encourages motorists to be eco-friendly and rewards vehicle-owners for having a car that is an U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified with an Inherently Low Emission Vehicle (LEV).

Low Emission Vehicles

Better known as LEV's and Hybrids. These EPA vehicles can not only help keep the environment safe, but they can also help save you moneyalong with a few perks. Claiming low emission vehicle on your tax return will keep a few dollars in your pocket. Not to mention that if you drive one of these low emission vehicles, you'll find that you have a special lane designated for you on the highway.

Where to get an Emissions Test in Florida

Since emissions tests are not required in the state of Florida, you'll need to visit your local DMV office or their website to find out where there is an emissions testing center near you. To visit the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website, go to http://www.flhsmv.gov/.

What to Expect when you get an Emissions Test on your Vehicle

The emissions test is a series of tests, not just one.