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Truth About Accidents in Florida

The reality of driving is that accidents can and will happen. In Florida, there are 14 million drivers using 120,000 plus miles of road. On average there are 650 crashes per day. Florida law enforcement studies countless statistics to make the roads safer, yet understanding that being a good, smart driver can prevent you the most from becoming a part of these statistics.

The first thing every driver should understand is how speeding changes everything. Speed limits are not chosen at random. In most cases, speed limits are decided by factors like the length of the road, visibility, angle and more. When you speed, the time you have to react to sudden changes in the road is decreased, as is the possibility of your car stopping fast enough when you need it to.

Yet, in 2006, more than half of all traffic tickets issued was to speeders and it amounted to nearly 1.4 million citations. Speeding can be controlled, and if you see someone else speeding, simply get out of their way. The faster they are beyond you, the safer you will be.

In the past ten years, a new problem has emerged for driversdistracted driving. This phenomenon is closely associated with the use of cell phones while driving. When your mind is focused, even partially, on something else like a text, it lowers your ability to react in traffic.

Recent studies show that nearly 70 percent of drivers make regular use of their cell phone while driving. To put the effect of texting while driving into perspective, here is this stat: If takes an average of five seconds to look down at a text; if you are driving at 55 mph, you will cover the length of a football field in that time.

Follow the rules of the road, don't speed and put your cell phone away.