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5 Parking Apps to Avoid Tickets

Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of returning from an activityexercising at the gym, catching a movie at the cinema, or enjoying a meal at a restaurantto find a ticket tucked securely under our windshield wiper blade. Many of us want to toss the ticket out of our sight, but we begrudgingly shove it into our hip pocket, knowing what will happen if we don't pay it: late fees that only double or triple the price.

Now, there are apps that can notify us when we might get a ticket. Check out these apps that make parking a breeze and consider trying one to avoid the inconvenience of receiving a parking ticket.

  1. ParkMobile ParkMobile is one of the few national mobile parking kiosk systems around today. With ParkMobile, you enter the space number where you parked, your vehicle make and model, and you're good to go.
  2. ParkPatrol ParkPatrol is a cutting-edge app with respect to the features it provides. It allows for users to interact with each other and share important information, such as when a ticket officer is in the area. It alerts all users in the vicinity of this situation so they can pay for more parking time if it has run out. ParkPatrol also alerts you when the parking time you paid for expires.
  3. ParkIt ParkIt is an app that has been around for a while, is updated several times a year, and has received nothing but positive reviews. ParkIt indicates parking spaces that are open and ones that are not. It also indicates whether a parking space is a legal space or notsomething we often forget to pay attention to and that can, and usually does, result in a ticket.
  4. SpotAgent The SpotAgent app is a more mathematical app; not for you but for its developers. SpotAgent gathers license plate numbers, addresses, dates and times when cars received tickets in a specific area. Probabilities are calculated with this information to deliver to users how likely they are to receive a ticket
  5. TixAlert Sometimes, we cannot find proper signage that a space is legal to park in or not. TixAlert will notify its users whether they are parked in a spot where they can be ticketed. It also provides expeditious directions back to your car so you can reach it as quickly as possible and avoid receiving a ticket.