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Don't Let Your Car Get the Boot

Getting one parking ticket is frustrating enough; getting repeat parking tickets is unnecessary too. Repeat violators are subject to having a boot put on their car, thereby immobilizing it. It takes quite a number of tickets before parking authorities add a new piece of hardware to your vehicle, but you never want to turn your car into a giant paperweight.

Receiving a parking ticket is a result of failing to abide by a given set of rules established by counties or localities. The most common reason to be issued a ticket is parking in a space for a longer period of time than what is paid for. There are many variations of parking misconduct though which results in a parking violation.

Though the fine for a parking ticket is significantly lower than moving violations, recipients are quick to forget the requirement and responsibility to pay them can quickly. Once the grace period has passed, these minor parking violations will begin to have adverse effects.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will suspend your license if you accumulate parking tickets and fail to pay them. In this case, you will likely have to visit the Parking Violations Bureau (PVB). If you pay your tickets on time, then you can pay the fine online and avoid the unnecessary trip to the PVB.

If you fail to pay your parking tickets, your car may be booted depending on the number of outstanding tickets on your record. To avoid getting a ticket, or worst, having a boot put on your car, you should first know the difference between parking legally and illegally.

The six most common reasons you can receive a parking tickets in Florida are:

  1. Failing to leave a parking spot after your meter has expired.
  2. Improper parking, such as taking up more than one space or leaving your car protruding into traffic.
  3. Loading or unloading materials into your vehicle while parked in the street.
  4. Parking in a manner that obstructs rush hour traffic.
  5. Illegally parking in a handicapped parking space.
  6. Parking on a sidewalk.

If you are cited with one of these infractions, you need to pay the fine as soon as possible. Otherwise you run the risk of having a boot fixed to your car. If you have five outstanding parking fines for parking illegally, your car will get booted the next time you are caught parking illegally. Removing the boot from your car is not cheap either—oftentimes, you have to pay upwards of $500 to have it removed.