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Why You Should Know All Types of Florida Traffic Signs

While driving in the state of Florida, you should be familiar with all posted traffic signs. They are not only placed there for safety, signs also help direct you to the right place, or even what to avoid. These signs alert to many things that are important for a vehicle operator to be aware of.

Basic Traffic Signs:

  • Regulatory Signs tell drivers what they may or may not do.
  • Warning Signs alert motorists of conditions that are immediately ahead.
  • Guide Signs may indicate what road is being driven, and how to reach the destination.
  • Construction and Maintenance Warning Signs are warning signs for construction and maintenance projects. They alert drivers to dangers ahead and give enough time to adjust speeds accordingly.

Service Signs are blue and white signs that direct drivers to service facilities.

To learn more information, you can also visit http://www.flhsmv.gov/index.html.