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Use Your Old Ride for Good

Your old high school car is still sitting in the driveway isnt it? You just cant bear to let it go. Maybe youve been holding on to your first sweet ride for sentimental reasons, only now, you have a sweeter ride. Well, what if you knew that you could donate your old car to charity, help a cause and get a tax break all at the same time?

Charities of all kinds from pets with glaucoma to homes for the homeless, ask for all kinds of donationseven your old vehicles. These charities will often auction off the vehicle and use the profit to help their cause. Donating to a charity is only a matter of finding one that supports the things that you feel strongly about.

Firefighters and police are an often-overlooked group that would love your old vehicle. These groups request vehicle donations all the time, and then use them in Hollywood-like sets they create for training scenarios. Your old vehicle can go toward helping keep your community safe. Come tax time, youll also be getting a little extra back for doing so. Donating to these groups is convenient too, as they will often come pick up the vehicle from wherever it is, saving you time and gas money.

So, youre ready to donate your car, now what? Now the fun of finding a charity begins. In Florida, there are many local and state charities to choose from. There are also a wide range of national and international groups that will accept your vehicle as a donation. The Internet is home to many websites which can help you sort through the various charities that exist. Before choosing one, make sure that they accept cars and ask any questions about their activities that you feel you need to.