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Top Five Overlooked Traffic Signs in Florida

Some Florida drivers might be surprised to learn that what might be a common occurrence for them while driving is actually a violation that can cause tickets, points and accidents. Here is a list of the top five signs that most motorists overlook. Hopefully, now this makes you look twice!

Stop Signs

The red sign that clearly has the large word printed on it, simply means: STOP! What quite a few motorists do, that they think is not a traffic infraction, is to “roll” through the stop sign. Even though your foot is pressing the brake, you are cheating. You must come to a complete stop when you approach a stop sign.

U-Turn Signs

If you are in that much of a hurry to turn, then you might just be asking for a ticket, or even possibly have points added to your license. There has to be a posted U-Turn sign in order for you to make a legal U-Turn at an intersection.

No Turn Signs

If you are thinking of turning left or right, you need to make sure that a No Turn sign is not posted. If there is a No Turn sign in either direction, then you need to obey that sign. If caught, not only will you be issued a ticket, but you could also be the cause of an accident.

No Passing Zone Signs

These signs are posted for one reason: it would be unsafe to pass at that part of the roadway. The signs are posted for multiple hazards, sometimes a sharp curve ahead, the double lane might be changing to just one lane, or maybe you'll be coming upon a hill. For whatever the reason, it is always dangerous to pass in a No Passing Zone.

Posted Speed Signs

It seems at some point in time, most drivers feel the need to speed to get to their destination. The FL posted speed signs are posted at limits intended for the vehicle operator's safety. Driving at high speeds above the posted speed sign limit can get you more than a ticket, as well as added points on your driver's license. Not to mention, the possibility of becoming a statistic in an accident. If the speed of the road you are taking doesn't seem fast enough, then you might want to find an alternative route that offers a higher posted speed limit.

Know your Florida traffic signs, so you won't find yourself going the wrong way, making an illegal U-turn or possibly causing an accident. Study your Florida Driver's Manual before taking your test to better learn the rules of the road.