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Have a friend on the road with Road America

Florida is a state with miles of scenic beauty and miles of roads winding around and through its countryside. Couple this with the great American tradition of the road trip and you have millions of drivers traveling around the Sunshine State. Experienced road warriors understand the importance of having roadside assistance and the peace of mind it provides.

While many companies offer roadside assistance, not all plans are the same. Some offer free towing, while others charge for miles. Some plans are only available during specific times of day, while others are there for you all day, every day. Many come with no endorsements from major automotive societies like the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). While all those other companies figure out what their best service-to-ratio cost might be, Road America simply offers a great plan at a great price, and their endorsed by the MSF.

As you start sifting through the various roadside assistance offers, make sure to look a little deeper beyond plans and prices. Some offers might look great, but if you look for customer reviews, it's nothing but negative comments. With customers in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Road America takes that extra step for their customers with a state-of-the-art call center that routes call to local agents.

This personal touch makes it easier for agents to help you get back on the road. If you are a road warrior and enjoy the miles of asphalt stretching across Florida, you should consider getting roadside coverage, and look for a plan that takes care of you like Road America.