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Save Hundreds with Guardian

What is the advantage of being part of a membership program like Guardian Auto? Membership discount programs have become very popular in recent years, as they offer a break from costs on a variety of services. Being a member of these programs is like having a giant coupon book with you all the time, only there is little worry about leaving it at home or annoying paper cuts. What do these programs offer you?

Discount programs will offer a one-stop savings shop for services ranging from hotels to dining. When you are looking to join one of these programs, read through their website and learn what sort of partnerships they have, and what discounts they will provide you. A great membership program will also include extra features like roadside assistance. Read the fine print as well, many membership programs promise savings, but when you read through the details, the savings only come under certain, very specific situations.

Ask yourself if the program offers savings on a variety of things you will make use of.

Does it help lower vehicle fuel costs, or offer incentives for fueling up? And does it comes with roadside assistance and is their assistance rated high for its quality? As with anything, as you learn more about these programs, read customer reviews and talk to people you know that use one of these programs.

Guardian Auto Advantage offers the best range of services, discounts and price. Their partnerships include AMC Theaters, Travelocity, Disney, Carnival Cruises, Legoland, CityPass, Hyatt, AVIS and more! Using their program earns you discounts on fuel purchases, as well as dining and travel, including airfare, hotel, and entertainment. For people who love to drive, Guardian's roadside assistance is second-to-none, providing all the services you could want, including towing, fueling, fixing flats, and more.