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Mobile Technology Makes Street Parking Seamless

New-age technology is making parking meters a thing of the past. Drivers no longer have to scavenge for change to feed those hungry meters. They can now pay for parking on their smartphone.

Parking systems have now entered the digital age, allowing drivers to pay for parking using their mobile phones. Since smartphones were introduced, the best and brightest have incorporated them into American ways of life, now to the extent that they may serve as a mode of payment. In the past, many drivers had to ensure that their watches were in perfect sync so they would be on time when interrupting their affairs to feed the beast.

Now, major cities have introduced a network of parking systems that allow drivers to pay for parking as they are walking to their destination from their parking space. They simply set up an account, entering their information such as license plate or space number. It has proven to be a much more efficient way of paying for parking than scrambling for loose change.

So instead of risking it and hoping that you will not get a ticket, set up an account and pay for parking by phone.

In addition, most major cities have also introduced mobile parking apps for their drivers, enabling them to pay for parking wherever they areif they need to pay for more time, they can pay with their smart phone.

If you have the opportunity, utilize a mobile parking app. You will find that parking this way is much more convenient than before. While it is still a luxury unavailable to remote areas, a national mobile parking business, ParkMobile, has put its footprint on major cities throughout the country and plans to expand considerably.

Presently in its budding but promising stage, ParkMobile plans to add parking stations compatible with mobile phone technology. Just like individual cities and counties throughout the nation have introduced local mobile phone-based parking systems, ParkMobile is doing so on a national scale. ParkMobile is currently installing kiosks wherever they are requested or where considerable demand for them exists. Currently, there is a large concentration of ParkMobile kiosks in the eastern portion of the region, with a great many of kiosks in Texas and California as well.

With an expansive network of mobile parking kiosks already available, combined with the existing state and municipal mobile parking programs, it may only be a matter of time until all drivers will need smartphones to pay for parking.