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Why it's a Win to Check Your VIN

A VIN, or vehicle identification number, is a unique number permanently assigned to a vehicle. Like a computer's IP address or a person's fingerprints, the VIN is a permanent part of the car, and can be used to learn a lot of useful information about the vehicle. For you, as a buyer, you can use a VIN to learn about car's history before you buy it.

For law enforcement, the VIN is used to identify previous owners or legal status, like if it has been reported stolen.

How important should a VIN be to you?

As a smart shopper, knowing what the VIN can do for you is important. When you are buying a used car, it's imperative that you get a vehicle history report in order to know more about what has gone on in the past with the vehicle. You will need a VIN to complete this report. Third-party companies like VINAUDIT, can take the VIN and gather a report for you, then deliver it to your email inbox.

The report will detail who the previous owners of the vehicle were, if it has been reported stolen or has been reported in accidents. If the vehicle was classified as a lemon, the VIN will know that too. Though you can do a VIN check through the state of Florida, often third-party companies will provide even more information.

A VIN is the vehicle's fingerprint, and with it both you and law enforcement officials, can learn a lot about a car. If it has been involved in illegal activity, or a bunch of accidents, the VIN will know. If you need a vehicle history report, click here for a third-party site that has a partnership with the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), which is a branch of the DOJ (Department of Justice). This report is guaranteed to be up-to-date and very detailed. Don't buy any car without doing a vehicle history report first.