Commercial Drivers

There are many commercial drivers in the state of Florida. However, before you look for a trucking job, you must obtain a CDL license. Whether you need to obtain a new CDL license, need to purchase CDL insurance or want to prepare for the CDL tests, we've compiled the information and links to help get you started. Read more about each service below:

CDL License

A CDL license can open the door to a ton of well-paying jobs. There are a number of tests you have to take, depending on the type of CDL license you need. Get started by clicking here to read more about CDL license requirements in the state of Florida.

CDL Tests

In Florida, the Department of Driver Services (DMV) administers all CDL tests. In order to prepare for these tests, it's often helpful to take a practice test. Read more about CDL tests in Florida.

CDL Manuals

Before driving a truck or semi in Florida, you'll need to pass a CDL test. Consulting a CDL manual can make passing the test much easier. Click here to download a copy of the Florida CDL manual.

CDL Insurance

For any driver, having insurance is critical. This is even more important for CDL license holders who operate large trucks or semis. Read more about CDL insurance in the state of Florida.