Florida Salvage Titles

An auto involved in an accident in the state of Florida becomes a salvage vehicle if the damage estimate is 80 percent or more of its value to completely replace it. If the vehicle is restored, you as the owner, have to acquire a rebuilt title from a Florida DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Please note that a vehicle becomes eligible for a FL salvage rebuilt title after your insurance agency declares it to be a total loss after an accident. At that point the car can be sold for parts, or restored.

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Until a Florida salvage title is issued:

  • You can't have a valid plate on the car
  • You are not allowed to drive the vehicle on roads of any type
  • The salvaged auto has to be repaired first in order to be a rebuilt vehicle

Applying for a Florida Salvage Certificate of Title

To apply for a salvage car title in Florida, you'll need to go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office location. Along with your application you'll have to have the vehicle's original certificate of title, the manufacturer's certificate of origin or out-of-state title. The state of Florida requires you to apply for a rebuilt title from the DMV if the vehicle doesn't meet the 80 percent rule to be legally declared a total loss. Note: It is against Florida law to rebuild a vehicle and sell it after indicating a total loss.

Rebuildable Salvage Title - Not Rebuildable Salvage Title

  • A Rebuildable FL Salvage Title means that it can be repaired and driven
  • A Not Rebuildable FL Salvage Title means that it must be sold for parts

If the total cost of repairing the vehicle or rebuilding the vehicle is less than 80 percent damage, a FL Salvage Rebuildable or FL Salvage Rebuildable Flood certificate of Title for an uninsured motor vehicle can be issued.

FL Salvage Title Application/Form

To begin the process of filling out your Florida salvage title application, click here. Please bring the completed form to your local FL tax collector's office for filing.

Florida Salvage Rebuilt Titles

In the state of Florida, it's against the law to sell a rebuilt auto title if the official DMV stamp on the certificate of title does not indicate the vehicle has been rebuilt or assembled from parts, or is a replica, kit car, glider kit or flood vehicle. The Florida DMV has to examine the automobile before a FL salvage title certificate can be issued. If the DMV has not displayed an official decal stating the auto has been rebuilt, the document is null and void.

Title an Abandoned Vehicle in Florida

To title an abandoned vehicle in Florida you will need to fill out a Florida Salvage Title application form, pay the appropriate title fee and turn it into your local tax collector's office. For more information, go to http://www.flhsmv.gov/html/titlinf.html.

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